Malice Mizer Lyrics

Malice Mizer Romanizations

au revoir
Bois de merveilles
Eege ~ sugitarishi kaze to tomo
Ju te veux
Le ciel
ma cherie

Malice Mizer Translations

au revoir


Anonymous said...

Hi. I was just wondering if there's any possiblity of you translating Le Ciel? I've tried to find the english translation everywhere, but can only find Romanizations. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've got the full translation to Le Ciel if you'd like it. =^-^= Just e-mail me at TakiFiresUpHiei@aol.com and I'll send it right over! :3

Anonymous said...

email me at fgf111666@hotmail.com if youhave ma cherie english lyrics, greatly appreaciated. i have almost every other song if ud like