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First Love
Sakura Drops


Lady Criquette said...

hey...yes, me again ^_^;;; "First Love" is another awesome song by Utada Hikaru. i recommend it VERY much! also, u don't hav any Nami Tamaki lyrics up. some good songs to put up would be "Prayer", "Realize", and "kanashimi no Valentine" *^_^* and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR PUTTING THE SMAP SONG UP!!!! *jumps and squeaks in excitement and glee* i absolutely love that song!!!! *^_^*

Lady Criquette said...

ooh ooh! i heard another good Utada song ^_^ i think it's just a re-version of a song by another japanese singer, but i'm not sure... it's called "I Love You". i really like this song too ^_^

Lady Criquette said...

oh yeah, and thanx for the recommendations!! ^_^ i'll hav to listen to those two other groups sometime soon *^_^* i'll leave a comment saying wut i think about 'em when i get the chance!