Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Lyrics

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Romanizations

Akage no Kelly
Black Tambourine
Brian Down
Dog Way
Electric Circus
Free Devil Jam
Give the Gallon
Killer Beach
Revolver Junkies
Smokin' Billy
Soul Warp
West Cabaret Drive

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Translations Provided by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

Dog Way
Smokin' Billy
West Cabaret Drive


jonny yen said...

i just found your site while searching for romanizations of TMGE lyrics and it's a really kickass site. i have a special request for you if you have time: my band is working on a cover of revolver junkies and i can't find romanji lyrics for it anywhere. i have a few more songs as well that i've been trying to find, but that one's the one i need most. i would be amazingly greatful if you could help! thanks!

Rojukene said...

Can you please romanize TMGE's 'Drop'?

I have been searching for them everywhere but in vain. I have the translated version as it is in the English subtitles of Aoi Haru but I am interested in the original one a lot more.

I would be truly grateful to you if you could do that.

Kitsu-chan said...

I have a request for the romanization of TMGE's "Akage no Kelly". I think it's really great that you're posting these lyrics; they're really hard to find.

knives said...

Yes i am also in a need of "Akage no Kelly" lyrics,
thanks in advance

Joakim said...
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alexander said...

I just found your site, is so difficult to find sites lik this one, I've trying for a while to find lyrics of TMGE but I haven't found any til now, u have some songs but I wonder if you can look for "black tambourine" and why do you wanna shake?, I'd be nice if you could find them, thanks a lot, bye

Keep on working

Anonymous said...

Awesome site! Thankyou very much for the time and effort you are putting into posting such hard to find lyrics :D

Jorge said...

I think you are the only source for non-japanese speaking people to get these lyrics, for that I thank you.

Now, I exchanged music with a friend and she gave me this TMGE cd and I loved it. The bad thing was that she didnt have any titles or anything so it took me a while to get the names but here is my request:

I really like "Dead star end" and if you can do any of the following that'll be great: "Get up Lucy", "HI!China", and "I was walking and sleeping"

Anonymous said...

Hey,can anyone direct me to an English translation of "Akage no Kerii" if such a thing exists anywhere...? If so,email me at


kath said...

Hello.. it was darn hard to even find one romanized lyrics of TMGE. Thank you for all the lyrics u provided here. Erm... if you don't mind, however, i'd like to request for the romanized lyrics of electric circus. Can't seem to get it anywhere.. Thank you in advance! =3

lellybilly said...

Hi Kath! So, I have the lyrics for "electric circus," but I don't have the mp3, so there's no way I can check my work. Could you pretty please send me the mp3 so I can post the lyrics for you? Some sites where you can easily post the mp3 are www.yousendit.com and http://rapidshare.de. I've used both sites and they seem to be safe and reliable. After that just send me the link where the mp3 is posted and you will have your lyrics!

kath said...

Sorry bout the late reply. Hope the offer is still up... =D OMGGGG . Thank youuuuu sooo much!! =D Thank youu! =P The link to dl this song is here : http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=971EA1492B455D18

kath said...

Thank you sooooooooooo much. =3

Anonymous said...

If you need lyrics for the High time, Gear Blues, and Rodeo Tandem Beat Spectre albums I have them. Some are translated as well but the cd booklets don't have very good translations. I also have the lyrics for Devil Skin Diva which is the Electric Circus B-side.

Jordan said...

wow! absolutely fantastic! would you be open to more requests? I'd love Sekai No Owari (I tried to translate myself, but there's a couple of kanji I'm stuck with), Lily, and Girlfriend? This is great, thanks!
If anyone wants a tab for Akage No Kelly, go to www.geocities.com/tmgetabs... and you may need to swap the Am and the Dm round if I remember right... haha.

Jordan said...

in response to someone above... there's an english translation of 'kelly' in the american issue of the rodeo tandem beat spectre album (Alive Records).

nanako said...

Awsome site!! well can you hook me up with some of their guitar tabs?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for put up tis site there are very few sites with a collection of TMGE lyrics (trust me I've checked). It's cool for us who want to know what kind of music we are consuming. By the way could you put up a translation of Drop and the translated lyrcs of World's End it would be very much appreciated

karkarkra said...

It would be great if someone would put the lyrics of danny go here.

Anonymous said...

It would be really appreciated if you could romanize TMGE's "Boogie"!

Sasly, I don't have the mp3 of it and all I can do is listen to it from this live version on youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Q42OdDPmmAw

It's one of my favourite TMGE song and I'd love to sing along to it. Thank you!

ribbon said...

I would also like to request Boogie! Thanks so much for translating Akage no Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for Boogie! <3

Anonymous said...

hi! can anyone share boogie mp3 to me pretty please.. i can only watch it on u tube.. if any1 one of u have it please... thx! =D


Maria said...

I found your site searching for the DROP lyrics...
and i found them :D

duh... but well...
Can i ask you a favor? pleeease
Can you put here, or send me ,or write.. The English lyrics of DROP, or maybe the original DROP lyrics written on Japanese? :(

I'd love you forever

thanks.. bye!

Festeria said...

What a great site! Thank you for posting these.

I would like to second Jorge's request for "Dead Star End" and put in a request for "God Jazz Time."

Thank you again!