BoA Lyrics

BoA Romanizations

Amazing Kiss
Every Heart ~Minna no kimochi~
Jewel Song
the Love Bug


Lady Criquette said...

u should put up some more BoA lyrics ^_^ some good songs would be "Jewel Song", "Valenti", "ID:Peace B", "Every Heart", "Milky Way", "Atlantis Girl" (if there is a version of it in japanese, cuz it might only be in korean), and "Amazing Kiss". *^_^* also, u don't have any yuzu lyrics up! o_O yuzu is one of my fav. groups! i recommend putting up their lyrics for "Natsu Iro", "Kanashimi no Kasa", "Kokoro no Oto", "Tegami", "Owaranai Eiga", and "Sayonara Basu" *^_^* i can help with getting the romanizations of a bunch of those, so let me kno!

Lady Criquette said...

hey again! thanx for putting up the lyrics i requested! *^_^* i just want to ask, what songs do u recommend by artists other than Yuzu, BoA, etc. i don't really know as many songs by other japanese artists. if u could recommend an artist or a song or two that u think is really good to me, that'd be great! *^_^*again, thanx!

lellybilly said...

Hi there.

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but I've been trying to figure out what you might like based on the fact that you listen to Yuzu, BoA, and SMAP. I'm still not sure, but maybe you'd like songs by Mamalaid Rag, Utada, or m-flo. I really like "Harusame dochuu" by Mamalaid Rag, but I think any song by them that you can find will be ok. My 2 favorite m-flo songs are the ones on this site.