What's taking so long?

It looks like people are starting to find my site! I couldn't be more happy about that and I hope it's helped you find at least a few songs that aren't readily available elsewhere.

I want to let you all know that I do realize there are songs that have been requested that I have not posted yet. Sometimes it is because I cannot find the kana (hiragana, katakana, kanji) lyrics. There are a number of resources I use to find song lyrics including my own CDs and a number of Japanese language websites, but those sources are limited and oftentimes incomplete. More often, however, it is because I do not have the song. In most cases I won't post romanized lyrics if I haven't heard the song because I can't check my work for accuracy.

So if you request a song and I haven't posted it within a week, more likely than not it means that I just can't find it. If you happen to have access to the mp3 and/or the kana lyrics and want to make things easier for me, please email it to lesliehillbilly@gmail.com. Some sites where you can easily post mp3s are www.yousendit.com and http://rapidshare.de. I've used both sites and they seem to be safe and reliable. After that just send me the link where the mp3 is posted and you will have your lyrics! And in case any of you angry record label representatives are out there, I promise I'll delete the song when I'm done. Otherwise I'll just keep an eye out for them and hope that I run across them online sometime in the near future.

Thanks and keep requesting!

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Anonymous said...

can publish the Smap's song call STOP! thanks so muchie