Asian Kung-Fu Generation Lyrics

Asian Kung-Fu Generation Romanizations

Haruka kanata
Kimi no machi made
Loop & Loop


Nia said...

I love Asian Kung-Fu Generation and I'm requesting a couple of songs here, lol. "Loop and Loop" "Rewrite" and "Haruka Kanata". If you can at least get two of those, I'm sure other Asian Kung-Fu Generation fans will be majorly pleased! ^_^!! DOMO!!

lellybilly said...

Hi there. This is in response to Nia's comment. Riraito = rewrite or relight. I wasn't sure which one it was so I wrote it in katakana form.

Nia said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi there =) I'd like to request a favour from you. I have the lyrics to "Yuugure no Aka" from Asian Kung-Fu Generation but i can't seem to find the translation anywhere.. Would you be so kind as to translate it if you can?

Nicole said...

Haruka Kanata is totally the Naruto theme, right?! You're so cool.