Gackt Photobook for Sale

I put the Gackt Mizerable ~Unmei~ photobook up for sale on ebay today. I've had it sitting in my room for years and I never really looked through it that much so I figured it was about time I passed it on to a more appreciative fan. The photos are really beautiful and if anyone wants a sample of the pictures inside please let me know. The listing is here:


The cover and photos are in perfect condition although there is very slight wear on the top of the jacket. The photos are absolutely gorgeous, showing Gackt in a number of stunning locales throughout France. There are shots of Gackt lounging, posing, interacting with bandmates, and probably thinking about how beautiful he is. There's even a little Gackt tush cleavage for anyone who's ever pondered his derriere, as well as an infamous half-naked band member picture. Even if those last two are not your cup of tea, this photobook is a must-have for any Gackt fan because of the gorgeous pictures contained inside.

I'm sorry my first post in weeks is an ad. I will get back to posting lyrics very soon.