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Is there a song you've been looking for but can't find anywhere? Feel free to ask me to find the lyrics and romanize them for you. I will do it as long as I can find an online or hard copy of the kana lyrics. You can also request translations but I can't make any promises there.

The best way to make a request is to click on one of the group names to the right and leave a comment. For example, if you want a Mr. Children song click on "Mr. Children" and then "Post a Comment." If the song you want is not by an artist featured on this site, you can just post your request anywhere or you can email me here:
leslie hillbilly's email

Don't hesitate to ask me for something. This is my hobby so if you're polite about it I'll be more than happy to help you out.

09-04-06 addendum: In most cases I won't post romanized lyrics if I haven't heard the song because I can't check my work for accuracy. If you can, when you request lyrics, can you also send me the song itself? Some sites where you can easily post mp3s are www.yousendit.com and http://rapidshare.de. I've used both sites and they seem to be safe and reliable. After that just send me the link where the mp3 is posted and you will have your lyrics! And in case any of you angry record label representatives are out there, I promise I'll delete the song when I'm done.

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