Cornelius - Beep It

Beep It

Teku teku
Turn turn around
Chiku taku
Click alarm clock
Beep it

Dan dan
Up & down
Fura fura
Keep flat tone
Beep it

Kamu kamu
Gamu kamu kamu
Blah blah
Flick tic flick
Beat it

Beat it

Beep it

Romanized by Leslie H

Cornelius - Fit Song

Fit Song

Just fit mis fit
Kick slap hit don’t hit that
Flash click break

Look down stop
Walk around look now
Well watch out
Look well

Find it pick up
Stop yes!
Ring bring
Some thing
Paint it

Just fit mis fit
Wind blows mind flows break

Be bop hip hop
Drop flip flap flop
Swing down swing up down
Twist change

Clap hands
Shake hands

Start stop
And move

Transcribed by Leslie H

Cornelius - Sleep Warm

Sleep Warm

Sleep warm sleep tight
When you turn off the light
Sleep warm sleep well my love
Rest your head on the pillow
What a lucky pillow
Close to you so close to you all night
Sleep warm sleep well let dreams weave you a spell
Sweet dreams of me my love
Close your eyes now and kiss me and whisper you’ll miss me
Sleep tight sleep well sleep warm

Transcribed by Leslie H