You Really Ought To Hear This

I've decided to add a very small PV section to this blog. The video will probably be by a group that I think most of you have never heard of. I want to expose you to new and interesting things after all!

Sherbets - Miracle

Sherbets - Miracle - Iceland Boy

Not Available at: n/a

Notes: Ken'ichi Asai is from Blanket Jet City.

If you like this song, please support the band by buying their album.

Last update: 2-9-2008


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for the upload!!!!!!


Marti said...

Hey there,

I stumbled over here by way of your COrnelius lyrics. How cool was that? Answer: extremely so.

I liften that Suneohair song and now it's in constant rotation in my CD player. Yay!

Can you recommend something else like that? IT was faboo.

Also, I was wondering if you might be able to romanize and/or translate the lyrics to the Orange Range song "Asterisk*" and the song "Thank You" by a band called Hand Made Kazoku. I would be ever so grateful as those are two other songs that have been circling the player with Suneohair.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

100s is very cool, I mean, looking at their band line-up, its literally a super-group of great musicians


their new album is very cool
I need to give it more listens though : p

personally I love their older album, its very ambitious and just ...sugoi! ...literally!